The Jelly Bean Candle Pot Co - The atmospheric alternative to electric lighting
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We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Many of them being unique as we use a large number of antique vessels and the wax is scented and dyed to our customers own requirements.

Vintage and Antique tea cups produce a beautiful glow and are themselves a decorative ornament whilst not alight.

The Natural soy wax used in these candles retain and throw the scent of the candle especially well.

A wide selection of modern and antique
glassware can be used as candles. The gel wax used for these candles can be dyed to any colour and scented to suit your taste.

Gel wax is particularly long lasting - 
a small shot glass / votive will burn
for 30 plus hours whilst continuously 
dispelling it's scent around your room.

Our selection of mercury glass containers 
create a beautiful glow and when filled 
with gel wax can burn for more than 50 hours. 
They can all be scented or left plain.

Arrange singularly or in groups.
With flowers or 

New glass lanterns or old Waterford crystal looks stunning anywhere

A range of lanterns are also available
 for your garden. 

An antique comport and two sundae dishes with the wax dyed to compliment the Wisteria growing behind them
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